B Company HQ at Camp Schmidt during Dry Season

Using scrounged and traded material, ​B Co built their own EM Club to avoid fights with Transportation and QM soldiers. The CO's driver, a carpenter, took charge of construction.

New 504th BN HQ at An Khe after move from Qui Nhon

Captain Dean Phelps


VC Rocket Aiming  Sticks near Camp Schmidt area

The "Grand Bungalow," HQ Building of the MACV Compound

We were told Theodore Roosevelt once stayed there on a Tiger HuntingTrip

C Company MP vehicle which hit a land mine. The jeep was armored and sandbagged at the time. A folded flak jacket behind the driver saved him from serious injury. All three MPs in the vehicle were thrown out from the blast.

Riding in a Chopper

Photos of Battalion HQ and Company C in Qui Nhon

Company C and BN Area

Photos from Dec. 19-24, 1967. C Company and HQ Company were involved in convoying the new 11th Inf. Brigade from its landing in Qui Nhon north on Hwy. 1 to Duc Pho.  "Hanoi Hanna"  announced that the convoy would be destroyed. It wasn't--heavy air cover was provided.

Road Patrol on HWY 19

Dean Phelps 

Tet Offensive 1968

Over the Pacific on a 707. Going Home.

Qui Nhon Area and SupplyTerminal

Brigade & BN Staff visit to Pleiku and the 212thMP Sentry Dog Company at Camp Radcliff

Around the Qui Nhon Area

HQ Company Area in Qui Nhon

Battalion and Company Officers exploring site of new Ammo Dump

Trip with 1SGT Chatam to B Company Detachment in Ban Me Thout

Around B Company Area in Pleiku

Officer's Billets

Trip with BN Staff: MP Checkpoints, Montagnard Village, Mang Yang Pass.

In the back seat of Air Force Cessna 0-2, also 4th Division's 1st Brigade Command Bunker 

Flying fast and low in a Huey from Pleiku to Kontum