​​​“Shack Rat, a Novel of Vietnam” by Stan Nelms

Military policeman Doug Hanson's quest for redemption for an act of cowardice in Berlin takes him from the cold political struggle of a divided Germany to the heat of conflict in Vietnam. From the Berlin Wall to the Tet Offensive his courage is tested again and again as he is torn between the passion of Kim, a beautiful Vietnamese bargirl, and his sense of honor and duty.  Day by day his struggle for salvation ebbs as the intensity of his passion for Kim increases. But he is not Kim’s only admirer.  Ba, an undercover VC operative also smitten by her charms, plots revenge against the hated Americans whom have defiled the flowering youth of his nation. In every war there is a story of love and passion as cultures collide and the destiny of lovers is controlled not by strength of their desires, but by the fortunes of war.  So it is with Shack Rat, a unique story of Vietnam.

Vietnam Visit 2006

A Short Story by

Michael C. Little

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Provided by Greg Walter

1968 Highway Video

B Company 504th MP Battalion  Pleiku, Vietnam

Presented By

Mike Little


Vietnam Magazine article by Mike Littlepublished in June 1991.  Mike was on the Highway Platoon of Company B  504th Military Police Battalion in Pleiku from September 1967 to August 1968.

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Two Woman One Duck

A Short Novel


Michael Little


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Town Patrol Video
Pleiku, Vietnam  1967 -1968

B Company 504th MP Battalion

Presented By 

​Stan Nelms


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Pleiku Area 1967

​"They Don't Speak English Here,"by Sean C. Little

Visit a Vietnam few have seen with boisterous seven-year-old Sean and his family. "They Don't Speak English Here" captures the experiences of Sean Little as he and his parents travel to the Central Highlands of Vietnam to visit their adopted family.  Told through Sean's journal entries, the trip shows us how a family shares generosity, humor, heartbreak, and love with a foreign culture. Sean Little's innocent perspective gives us the chance to see a country and a people through eyes that know nothing of the complex history that exists between two countries.

With Soundtrack

The Death of Groupe Mobile 100

by Robert Barr Smith

The defeat of the famous French Battalion in June 1954 near Mang Yang Pass on Highway 19.

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Road Kill

A Short Story by

Michael C. Little

​​"Highway Platoon"  by Joel T. Nichols

In 1967, the Highway Platoon of B Company, 504th MP Battalion worked out of Pleiku in the central highlands of South Vietnam.  Each day the platoon's patrols were scattered  over nearly seventy miles of road.  The men of the platoon worked with weapons that they had never been trained to use, and they did a job that they had never been trained to do.  What they lacked in training they made up for in spirit, ingenuity, and courage.  They learned from experience as they did the job, and they did the job well.  In the Autumn of 1967 the Viet Cong hit the highland roads hard, and they did not stop hitting them.  When the time came to fight, the men of the Highway Platoon did that well too.

​​"The Warrior's Rest" 
by  Joel T. Nichols 

 Tribute to the Men of the 173D who fell at Dak To

A letter from 

Greg Walter

​​"Four Arrows Squadron" 

by  Joel T. Nichols 

Four Arrows Squadron did not exist, but American pursuit aviation on the Western Front in 1918 did. More than a battle narrative, it is about men in war...as applicable today as it was nearly a century ago.

Military Police History

A Presentation


Lamar Lawson

No Sound

I Went to Vietnam with My Dad

A Short Story by

Michael C. Little